Brightspace Community?

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How do instructors know about Brightspace Community and its offerings, features, etc.? It's a valuable resource but I fear many/most Brightspace instructors are unaware of its presence.


  • Bruce.B.64

    Hi @John.T.67

    I'm copying this thread from a different discussion here:

    We're so glad to have you here in the Community and are so pumped to share more about it with you!

    Shoutout to @Susan.W.104 for your thoughts and suggestions in this thread too! 🌟

    The community can be used to

    If our Community was a physical space, we'd take you on a tour- since it's digital, we've made this Digital Tour resource which describes some of these destinations in greater detail and helps to show you around a bit.

    You've already made your first post and introduced yourself- we hope you won't be a stranger and will continue to share more ideas and questions with us.

    You're also very welcome to meet the Community Team at our upcoming Event ConvosWithCommunity: Back to School Edition we'll be sharing more resources and the whole team will be there to answer questions

    Let me know if you have additional thoughts/questions!


  • John.T.67
    John.T.67 Posts: 25 🧭
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    Well, it's almost three months since my original post in this discussion. However, I haven't noticed anything different as making the D2L Community known to D2L instructors (at least at my campus), Having this helpful Community but so many D2L instructors not knowing about is like one hand clapping. I urge D2L to work with its higher ed clients to "get the word out" about the D2L Community.