What am I doing here? Seriously.

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I am new to the community. As an adult learner I am looking at every available resource to me and I am curious as to what do you come to the community most for? Technical issues, help with your classes or encouragement and/or moral support.
Please be patient with me, I appreciate any and all advice or information you can provide.


  • Susan.W.104
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    Hi @Jeanie.B.123

    As an Administrator role, I come to the Community site to get mostly "upcoming changes" in the Release Notes area. This helps me get ready with applying updates to our system. I do like to see the Discussion panel as well, this will always help. I get tips from others on things that I may not even know yet. Welcome! :)

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    HI @Jeanie.B.123
    We're so glad to have you here in the Community and are so pumped to share more about it with you!

    Shoutout to @Susan.W.104 for your thoughts and suggestions in this thread too! 🌟

    Community can be used to

    If our Community was a physical space, we'd take you on a tour- since it's digital, we've made this Digital Tour resource which describes some of these destinations in greater detail and helps to show you around a bit.

    You've already made your first post and introduced yourself- we hope you won't be a stranger and will continue to share more ideas and questions with us.

    You're also very welcome to meet the Community Team at our upcoming Event ConvosWithCommunity: Back to School Edition we'll be sharing more resources and the whole team will be there to answer questions