Can an award be triggered on some but not all quizzes or dropboxes?


We have a client who would like learners to reflect either via dropbox or Written Response. These will not be graded and they will only need to complete 5 out of 8. Therefore there will be 8 quizzes or dropboxes to choose from and will only need to pick 5. Is there an option for D2L to release a certificate using an intelligent agent having only completed those 5 quizzes or submitting to only 5 of the dropboxes? Like a pick and Mix…


  • Johnny.B.962
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    @Laura.O.66, the release conditions in Brightspace are either ALL listed or ANY listed. There isn't really an option to just pick 5 out of 8 as you are describing…. directly. Now the way I would suggest approaching this is trying to add something else as a middle ground to facilitate the condition. For example:

    • Create Groups
    • Use Intelligent Agent to enroll students into group following completion of a quiz/submission in assignment (The action is "Enroll user in a course", but you can use that to enroll in any Org unit)
    • Award release condition based on ALL enrollment in groups, or create another "Completion group" with enrollment into it based on the other groups

    This will get a little complicated based on how many of the scenarios you want to account for (quiz 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, not 2, 7, 8, etc.), but that's what I would do.

    Or someone will have to manually check things on occasion and then manually award it.

    D2L LAM