Supporting adaptive assessments


We're working with our testing center to explore putting our writing placement exam into Brightspace. The goal is to create an assessment that helps students self-identify what writing (or reading/writing) course they should register for.

The quiz tool doesn't support adaptive branching (currently), so I'm curious if anyone is doing this and how.

Ideally, the student's result would be stored in the gradebook, or provided in a way that we can push it to Banner to store in SOATEST to facilitate registration using the API. We have the API call and procedure already.


  • Chris.S.534
    Chris.S.534 Posts: 217

    Hi Andy, In lieu of adaptive branching not being available in the Quiz tool some clients are using 3rd party tools such as H5P which does support branching scenarios (See ) the grades from which can be published/captured in Grades. The Survey tool does support branching however its not possible to capture the results from the survey into Grades. The survey responses are captured in the Survey data sets and survey reports. The issue have then is getting the relevant data into Banner. Thanks, Chris

  • Andy.F.437
    Andy.F.437 Posts: 33 🌱

    That's an interesting idea, @Chris.S.534. We do have H5P SAS integrated but haven't really relied on it for something like this yet. I've always been wary of relying on something like SCORM or external tools both for the complexity for the student and past issues with ensuring 100% of the activity scores get recorded. We'll explore it though.