Updates to sources

Lynda.W.602 Posts: 7 🌱

How do you deal with updates to a resource in your online content when, for example, the URL is changed or the content is updated?

We're encountering this question for our online courses which are redeveloped annually but updated (to address broken links etc) continuously.

Given my librarian side (MLS, and ID) it would be a no-no to "update" sources cited as references for any particular development. But one might add an annotation to the references with a date indicating when it was revised?

On the other hand, if the resource is part of the content, itself, then its a no-brainer to update the resource if one can determine the change isn't substantial (e.g. new link, updated content on same subject) and fits with the surrounding course content.

Thoughts? Other practices? Do you distinguish between sources that are references for a produced work (e.g. course) and ones that are part of the content of said work (e.g. webquest, "for more information" link for an activity or enrichment links?)