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I am wondering if there are any plans to improve the functionality of arithmetic questions for Brightspace Quizzes. We have recently moved our assignments over from the LON-CAPA system to Brightspace to consolidate our courseware; however, we are finding the arithmetic question programming quite limiting. It would be useful to have the following:

- The ability to define intermediate variables based on the randomized variables.
As a simple example: if I defined a variable, x = 7.9, I would like to define y = 5*{x}, and then use {y} in the solution. For more complex problems, it becomes tedious to pack the solution into a single line, and tends to lead to coding errors (trying to match 10 parentheses...).

- The ability to use randomized variables across multiple questions, or for a single arithmetic problem to have multiple answer inputs.
In a Physics question, we might ask the student to determine the force that the quadriceps muscles exert to keep the lower leg in rotational equilibrium throughout an exercise. It would be helpful to have multiple answer inputs for intermediary steps (e.g. what is the torque exerted by the weight of the lower leg about the knee joint) or other variables (e.g. what is the force exerted by the femur on the kneecap).

- A simple way to use engineering notation in solutions (e.g. 9E-2)

- A wider set of mathematical functions.
It would be useful to have the full set of mathematical functions available on a modern scientific calculator (asin, acos, sinh, cosh, etc.) as well as statistical functions (average, standard deviation, etc.)

Perhaps some of these exist, and I am simply not aware; but, I am sure that many instructors in the physical sciences would benefit from these additions.



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    Hi @Sean.H.650
    This is a great question and some wonderful feedback on Quizzing!
    Here in Community, our Product team offers a 6 month view of planned changes in the Product Roadmap.
    We also offer a 90 day preview document which forecasts change a little further out -but may be more subject to change.

    I don't see a reference to updates for quiz and Arithmetic questions on either- but I have forwarded your feedback to our Product Team.

    You can add these wonderful ideas to our Product Idea Exchange as well if you like. Every month we work to release features and functionality updates inspired by the ideas from this space- we announce which ideas have made it into product in our Release Notes