Can I create dropboxes with more than one gradebook item attached?

Warren.H.278 Posts: 2 🔍
In my school board, we assess students on four categories. Often a single project will be assessing more than one of these categories. I would love to be able to have a rubric for each category being assessed for that project's dropbox. For example, a video production would have a rubric for the planning component, a final video, and a reflective piece.

For this to synch up conveniently to gradebook, each rubric in that dropbox would need to link to a specific gradebook item. Please, please tell me this is possible as it would make my dropboxes and gradebook much cleaner and easier to use. Thanks!


  • Johnny.B.962

    Hello @Warren.H.278,

    Grade items can only be attached to a single rubric or activity such as an Assignment, and vice versa. To accomplish what you are suggesting, my best recommendation would be to use 1 single rubric attached to your Assignment. Within that rubric, you can create different Criteria Groups by selecting the Add Criteria Group button (See more on ). That way you'll still keep everything together, but you would have room to evaluate the Planning, Final Video, and Reflection all as separate Criteria Groups in the rubric.

    Alternatively, it sounds like there may be multiple parts that a learner would be submitting to you for this project. You could also just break those up into separate Assignments to submit the Planning, Final Video, and Reflection separately. For the video piece as well, you can even set the Submission Type to be "Text submissions" if you only want/need a link to the video or have learners embed it into the text box for their submission. There's a max file size when submitting files into Assignments, so if you run into that, utilizing the different Submission Type can help.

    Hope that helps!