Migrating from Sakai?

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Welcome Sakaigers, you come from an amazing community of folks across Higher Ed who made a big impact in the post-secondary LMS space when change was needed, and the Sakai community has allied with D2L before.

Some things that might help you:

  • Importing Courses: Server-side/Admin-only Sakai archives can be imported into Brightspace - Lesson's Common Cartridge export is rarely useful.
  • Lessons:
    • New Content Experiences' 3-level deep limitations, versus Sakai Lessons sub-page depth that was probably only limited by 32-bit integer space. Cape Town is/was automating reformatting exports to flatten them. Brock University recommends instructors use https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/3618-about-course-builder
    • Student Pages - no clear replacement, but Discussions or open web/domain-of-ones-own approaches might help.
    • In summary: Lessons does some great stuff, that is very hard to replicate exactly in any other LMS. As always, the best content in any LMS is built within that LMS.
  • Question Pools: Sakai “Question Pools” are groups of questions managed across a user account that can be shared amongst instructors. Brightspace “Question Pools” are exclusively a section of a single quiz into which questions will be drawn. These questions must be stored first in a repository called the “Question Library”. Thus, Brightspace’s equivalent is the Question Library, and Question Pools are the specific instances of randomly drawn questions.
  • Sakai Tools Compared to Brightspace tools (based on work originally done by NYU - thanks)
  • Public links for ideas etc - It's not public, and links don't work, but it exists in the Product Idea Exchange (PIE). Once you SSO log-in, then the links will work (Like JIRA, or a similar vendor's Community).
  • Roster tool: Permission to see the Classlist is global or kinda' per role, not per course (please support PIE D9482).

Mostly Administrator Stuff:

A little more on how Brock University went from Sakai to Brightspace.

Hope this helps.


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Matt,

    Great post! Thanks for sharing Brock University's experience & lessons learnt during your LMS migration project.

    I'll flag your post with our Community Team to see how we can make this information more prominent/visible for clients migrating from Sakai to Brightspace.

    Thanks again, Chris