BUG REPORT: "Add answer key" does not save written keys

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I recently wrote and added answer keys to a quiz consisting of 10 written response questions. Despite saving each question after adding each key and then saving the whole quiz, when I returned none of that work had been saved.

This is just a straight-up bug. If someone can point me to a bug reporting location, that would be great.



  • Hello @Greg.C.200,

    Thank you for reaching out to us via Brightspace Community!

    May I suggest you raise a support ticket for us to further look into this reported issue?

    Thank you,


  • Greg.C.200
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    Dear Rusha,

    Thanks for your response, submitting a support ticket is exactly what I would like to do. Unfortunately, I could not find any obvious way to submit tickets. Would you please tell me (and, by extension, other users of your product) how to do that?


    Greg Cox

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    Hello @Greg.C.200,

    You are best to have one of your organization's Approved Support Contacts (ASC) open a case with the D2L

    For more information on how an ASC can open a support case, I would recommend reviewing our ASC Resource List, specifically the Creating and Managing Cases section.

    Note: As a best practice, it would be good to include detailed steps to reproduce, as well as examples of users who have encountered the issue and/or any of the responses they received in those instances. If possible, noting the date/time of the occurrences is also useful to the troubleshooting process.

    Thank you,


  • Greg.C.200
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    Dear Rusha and Mike,

    Thank you for your responses.

    I originally contacted support through the Brightspace "virtual assistant" but received no response to my query. Is that the same thing as ASC? If so, it did not function the way you described because no one responded.

    If the "Product Idea Exchange" is intended to serve as a bug reporting location as well, then it would be helpful to say this and to have clear instructions for how to do this posted on your FAQ.

    To repeat, this is the situation in which I encountered the bug: I wrote a question on a quiz, wrote an answer key for that question, pressed "save" on the question, pressed "save" on the quiz, and when I logged back in and opened up that same question, the answer key that I had written was not there. Given that I have described this issue already here, I think it is incumbent upon Brightspace to address this, not to just tell me to repeat myself somewhere else where I will not get any response.

    To be frank, I have not had any good experiences with Brightspace since we adopted it at my institution, and I will be sure to pass my unfortunate experiences along.

  • Hi @Greg.C.200 ,

    Thanks for the update. Raising a case through ASC will be redirected to admin support team and we will make sure to help you on your query/issue you face.

    Please let us know if you have any further issues/concerns.



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    I wanted to follow up on a few notes from this thread.
    Using the Brightspace Virtual Assistant is a method that you can use to reach support at your school.
    I will follow up with our End User Support Team here to learn more about the note you submitted through the tool and about your experience using it.

    When you create a quiz in Brightspace, each question you enter, will prompt you to also indicate a correct response- unless the question must be graded manually. Based on what you describe here, it sounds like the content of your quiz did not save- and that is something I would also like our Quiz Team and your Customer Success Team to be aware of. I will link them to this conversation thread so that they have more details about this, and can investigate further.

    Our Community is an open space where we can come together to learn together- and I noticed you had a few questions about some resources a few folks shared in this thread.

    The Product Idea Exchange (PIE) is one method we use to collect product feedback, specifically ideas for future product improvements or new features. It isn't the spot for bug reporting- if and when you suspect something is not functioning correctly in Brightspace you can connect directly with support using the Virtual Assistant. You indicated that you had used the chat feature, but I believe your assistant tool will also include an email and telephone number that you can use if you prefer those methods.

    I noticed you also had some questions about that term ASC. This is an acronym for Approved Support Contacts- these are specific people at each school or business that uses Brightspace who can create a support case on behalf of others. At your school, you have a type of support that connects every person through their access to the Virtual Assistant- so truly, I agree with you- you've used the right channels to request an assist with your question and provided helpful details.

    @Mike.B.559 Thank you a bunch for jumping in to connect and lend support here to Greg! You're deeply knowledgeable about Brightspace and that sharing is generous and valuable. I hope you will forgive my edit to one of the resources you shared above- it linked to an end user support portal, which is not the dedicated support path for Greg's School. While our support team would do their best to connect a help request from that space through the correct channel it would delay the response time for all the folks looking for help from that portal. For this reason, I've replaced that resource link with one that explains what the Approved Support Contact Homepage is, who can access it, and how to create a case.

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    @Greg.C.200, just wanted to follow up.

    I've connected with the folks who manage the Virtual Assistant Tool for your School. There isn't a case that appears in the Assistant Logs tied to your report of quiz questions and answers not saving. In light of this, I've passed the details that you've shared here onto your Customer Success and Technical Account Management Team so that they can help ensure that a case is logged and to help us investigate what's happening with that quiz.

    Our Support Team completed some additional testing for your School's Virtual Assistant Tool to ensure that cases submitted by selecting the Contact Support option and filling in the form provided are coming through to the support desk. When folks submit a form through that Contact Support option, they will receive an email back to the address they've submitted in the form. We also tested to ensure that it's offering the correct telephone number for your School's support desk.

    Grateful to you for connecting here