Disabling default enrolment email


Some of our courses are created in languages other than English (UK).

Currently, we bulk-load non-English speaking users onto the course(s), disable the default English enrolment email that goes out, and have an IA send an alternated one in their native language.

Is there a better way to ensure these users receive native language enrolment emails once they move from the bulk-loaded process to a self-registering or SSO process, rather than the defaulted English one?


  • Nikhil.P.90

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your question.

    Currently, there exists no feature available to send out the enrollment email in their native language.

    I kindly request you to upvote the below feature request which aligns to your ask,


    Allow system to send emails in the users preferred language (instead of the default language). (D5879)

    Direct Link: https://desire2learn.brightidea.com/ideas/D5879


    The process you are using for sending our native-language enrollment email is the correct one.



  • Laura.S.316
    Laura.S.316 Posts: 8 🌱

    Hey Nik

    Thanks for confirming.