Is there an alternative to a rubric with one defined grade for each category?

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I am wondering if there are marking schedules where you can set categories for marks (like 0-3, 3.1-5.0, 5.1-7.5, 7.6-10.0) I want to have a continuum of grades that can be allocated an comments in the rubric or marking guide can be dragged or dropped as feedback and the best mark given. Often whole specific marks for a category are too high or too low and not really reflecting the reality of what the student work is worth. (I've only just joined this community - are responses emailed or do i look up this site to find the response?)


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    To create a category of marks in rubrics, you can consider choosing the 'custom points' option in the 'Scoring' menu within the rubrics tool.

    You can also look at the Achievement Scale set for your institution. You may need your institution's Brightspace admin to visit the Achievement Scale. There's another Community article you might find helpful.

    Most of the Brightspace best practices are housed in the 'Documentation' tab on the community page. If you want to check previous/ongoing discussions, go to the Discussions tab on the community page.

    Hope that helps!


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    Thank you Puneet

    I'll check these resources out. I did look at Custom Points, but that still only permits just one mark for a criteria - students may have completed only part of the criteria and should not receive the full allocated mark, but their effort is better than the lower marked category. (Hope that makes sense). I am learning Brightspace, but have moved institutions and I was used to Moodle - in that system we had a choice of rubrics or marking guides, so you could have a bit of a scale for each criteria and then dragged the relevant comments from the template, and added other comments.

    Regards, Sue