Using A.I. in online discussions

Is anyone use A.I. in their online discussions (e.g., rewriting/improving discussion prompts and replies to student posts) or in other ways in their courses?



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    Hey @John.Thompson880,

    Thanks for connecting with us here at the Brightspace Community!

    I would encourage you to cross post this Discussion inside the Instructional Design Best Practices Group to gain further insight and connect with Instructional Designers to see what their take on incorporating AI in Discussions looks like within Brightspace.

    I am definitely following this discussion. Would love to learn more from other educators about their use case and take on implementing this!

    Aasim Yacub

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    John and others: I am very interested in exploring how to use chatGPT as a discussion partner for students and instructors . This is not a great example ( ) but, by searching for ** in the conversation, you can see where I as the instructor jumped into the conversation and moved it in a different direction. Could we use the Brightspace API to somehow connect with the ChatGPT API to create a threaded discussion in D2L?
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    Will there be a D2L Brightspace plugin for chatGPT?

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    Definitely looking to some content on building out an OpenAI or ChatGPT API with Brightspace. Any updates on this topic?