Shared Kaltura library videos issue

Pamela.D.673 Posts: 5 🌱

Has anyone else experienced an issue with accessing the Kaltura (insert media) feature to embed videos within their D2L instance directly with and using the instructor role?

Until recently my coworker a sys admin could impersonate an instructor and access My Media and perform tasks normally. When users try to access My media through the same processes, they are unable to access the media.

Following these basic steps, open html editor, select Insert stuff from edit menu, select Kaltura (insert media) which should open My Media. Instead it tries, then times out with the message,1,nFaaNwiHlQWA8rRWp6P4IfhlDrEpar_5-kYES_pCImWN1WbYYTaIH0A_DZsMo-t6qMkvYEfuhsIdJJoQ81qE6wiNCMR4LKVxbr2LkCU0yawNak5GLLvqszbIaA,,&typo=1 refused to connect.

As an example, our Physical Therapy department has an entire library of videos, and we want individual instructors to be able to link to those videos in their courses even though they did not create the content. This had been an option but is no longer working.

We have been told that a fix is being implemented, but wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue and if anyone has a workaround.

Thank you,