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    Hey Brightspace Champs!🏆

    Check out our summary of community event related feedback we heard from our Fusion survey, AND the steps we're taking to implement your ideas!🎉 Head on over to our Community Updates for more details.

  • Hi,

    Can you please either reinstate the ability to download the Admin guide or provide a guide-specific search on the page? The existing format borders on impossible to navigate because of all the nested sections. As a system admin I used to use the Admin guide as a quick reference for system settings that come up rarely which means I am never sure what section of the guide the information I'm looking for is. Before this new site, I could download the guide and do a keyword search to find what I was looking for now it's extremely challenging to locate specific documentation unless I already more or less know the answer and so can figure out where that information would be grouped.

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    Hi @Jacqueline.K.327
    Great news on guide-specific search found right on the page!

    We’re working to release search throughout our Knowledge Bases in Q4! We’re sharing what features are coming out and when in our Community and Documentation Roadmap found on our Community Corner Page. As features are released, we’ll announce them in the Community Updates Discussion ex: Community Updates — Brightspace (

    Very Grateful to you for connecting with us here to share feedback on how we can build a better Community together!  

  • I'm an art professor and frequently I have students submit many images per module. Right now the system displays them as links and I have to click on each one to view it or download them locally to view them. This is extremely arduous with large classes submitting multiple images per student. Is there any way to display the images in-line in the submissions? Images should really just be displayed in a stack when looking at assignment submissions. Many of my colleagues have opted to stop using D2L for this reason. Thanks!
  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @[email protected]
    You can mark each student's image file submission and fill in the rubric for them using the workflow shown in this evaluation video. This workflow allows you to view the images without having to download each one and also allows you to move between student submissions a little faster too.

  • Janet.O.779
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    Hi, there. 🙂
    I was just reading this interesting page
    FYI that in the little intro, the first paragraph is accidentally repeated within the second paragraph. Perhaps one of these two paragraphs is no longer meant to be there?

  • Janet.O.779
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    edited December 2023

    Good morning, D2L Team. 🙂

    I noticed that on the "Creating Question Library questions" page of the instructor documentation ( ) the same sentence appears below the first heading "Organize questions with sections" as appeared directly above that heading. I'm not sure, but I'm wondering if the note about automatic filtering out of JavaScript and non-standard HTML might perhaps fit a bit more naturally a bit lower down the page… where the documentation talks about question types and/or creating questions? (Although maybe it was put at the top to attract more attention and ensure reading.)

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    Hi @Janet.O.779,

    We're so grateful you reached out with this feedback! We've scheduled these articles for updates and will release those updates as part of our general availability update to help documentation on January 4th, 2024.

    Thank you again for this invaluable feedback!

  • I am going through the Brightspace Success Toolkit and many of the links do not lead to actual pages. Some are 404 errors, some just lead to the general community, and others give an error message. For instance, on Release Conditions Overview, neither of the links to "full list of release conditions" or "Best Practices when using release conditions" work.

    The full list link gives me a SSO error message for the Brightspace Community, even though I'm logged in. And the Best Practices takes me to a Bright Space Community page saying "Article not found." This is just one example in the course. Almost all of the links do something like this.

    When I tried to use the course feedback survey to share this information, it said "Oops! This unit is empty. Come back later."

    I am a new Brightspace user for a nonprofit. If there is a better way to leave this feedback, please let me know.
  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Annette.P.996
    This is very helpful feedback and I truly appreciate your connecting with us here in the Community!

    I've updated the links in the Release Conditions Submodule that were not linking correctly- and I've corrected the issue you noted with the Course Survey- truly grateful for your note on this.

    As it happens our Course Review Process for the Learning Center is just about to kick off- so there will be an audit of courses taking place in the New Year which will help to track down and correct course errors like these.

    Please don't be shy to stay in touch with any additional feedback you may have here in this discussion or in any of our course surveys.


  • Janet.O.779
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    Hi there, D2L Team. 🙂
    I was reading and would like to suggest that the acronym "ADS" be expanded to "Advanced Data Sets" where it appears in the following sentence: "d2l.Tools.DataHub.DataExport.FilenamePattern - Specifies the pattern to use for generated ADS filenames."

    It would also be helpful if that information—that this variable only pertains to Advanced Data Sets and not to Brightspace Data Sets—appeared within the Config Variable Browser on Brightspace itself. Currently it says, "The pattern to use for generated report filenames. (Supported replacement strings: {orgId}, {orgUnitId}, {userId}, {userName}, {submitDate}, {reportId}, {reportName}, {defaultFileName})"… so it has taken quite some time for me to finally clue in that this feature isn't functioning unreliably on our site; it just doesn't pertain to the data sets I was routinely downloading.