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  • Mary.M.343
    Mary.M.343 Posts: 70 admin

    @Janet.Osborne3295, To make sure there's no confusion going forward, I'm going to add the following note to the High Impact Changes Timeline (to go live on May 4):

    Note: To determine the date when an update is scheduled based on the version number, you can also read the version as a year and month. For example: 20.22.11 (year = 2022, month = 11/November) or 20.23.5 (year = 2023, month = 5/May).

  • Sue.H.848
    Sue.H.848 Posts: 20 🌱

    I would like to see this legacy page replicated in the new community. Is there something like it already here?

    Creating An Online Course: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    Hi @Susan.Halick7571
    I don't think that article has come across to the new site yet- but I've forwarded your requestion to our Knowledge Team and will loop back here with an update when I've learned more. Very grateful for your note on this!

    While not a replacement for that specific article, the Instructional Design Best Practice Group posts a new blog nearly every week and they cover some great topics.

    This week we're featuring two blogs from that group in our New in Community area found on the Community Homepage, they're on

    Connectivism- the learning theory on the role of technology and social networks in the process of acquiring knowledge.


    Celebrating Learner's Accomplishments in Online Learning- connect a few specific Brightspace tools to ways you can mark special student milestones in your courses

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    Hi @Susan.Halick7571
    Just wanted to circle back on this one- that article has now been added to the New Community here: Creating An Online Course: A Step-By-Step Guide 

    Truly grateful to you for taking the time to connect with us and for making this suggestion!

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 26 🧭

    HI all,

    I followed the instructions to set up a new password for SSO.
    However, a couple frustrations:
    1. The Resources»Fixed Issues List/KIL both just give me a download, they don't pass me through to the page. That is unexpected and not useful. I want to go to the page to review and then also have the option to download.
    2. PIE doesn't authenticate me through.
    3. There is nowhere in the new site for me to click through to the old site to look at tickets or create a new, so apparently I still have to enter that url. This is a nuisance—I'm hoping it is just still 'in the works' but what is the point of SSO if there is nowhere to pass me through to the old site?
    Please add a link for Admins/ASCs to click directly there to create a ticket/review existing tickets.

    Thanks, it's gettinng there!

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin
    edited May 2023

    Hi @Jane.M.801
    Congratulations and Thank You so much for giving that SSO a try!

    You're correct, the new Known Issues and Fixed Issues Lists are now downloadable Excel Files which you can sort and filter (GREAT requests and feedback from Customers for this!) directly from those links in the navigation bar.
    To provide this filtering and sorting functionality, a common downloadable file format was chosen as the best solution to keep our Community up-to-date. Find out more

    Once you've signed in with SSO, this one set of credentials will connect you to the ASC Homepage, PIE (and the Learning Center) with one set of credentials.

    Choose which resource you want to access from the Quick Links Widget

    For Learning Center and PIE, you should be connected directly. (Some workflows for PIE are pulling up the Legacy login page- if you spot this know that we're on it and working to remove that blocker. Select the "SSO Login - Beta Experience" link at the bottom of the page shown following to connect without having to enter credentials again)

    For the the ASC Homepage, you'll see this Legacy Login Page again (annoying- but only there for our testing period and soon to be gone forever!)

    You don't need to login with your legacy credentials here because you've completed the SSO registration.
    Just select the hyperlink labelled "SSO Login- Beta Experience" and you'll be brought to the ASC Homepage.

    Note: This extra click is here only for a short time while folks transition over to the Single Sign On Experience.

    If you run into any challenges at all please don't be shy to let us know about them- we want to make the process smooth and easy.

    So grateful for your help and partnership Jane!

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 26 🧭

    Thanks for your quick reply. However you're missing my points.
    I have set up the SSO, but NONE of what you say is working, passing me through to the old site, clicking through or even loading it separately.
    QuickLinks widget—will you allow us to edit this to set OUR quicklinks? I expect a specific link to do so, blatantly at the top.
    The link in the QuickLinks widget doesn't work.

    Also, the FIL/KIL downloadable works, yes, as I said, but downloadable should not replace the web page. We are expecting to click to that PAGE and being able to download once on that page if we choose. I don't want to deal w/ a downloaded file all the time—it's cumbersome and messy compared to doing a quick look at the webpage.

    All of the above ARE my challenges. I just spoke with a colleague and she is having the same issues.
    I have tried from two browsers with no luck.
    Call me Frustrated!

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    @Jane.M.801 Thank you so much for your fast testing and response
    I'm so sorry that I didn't understand the root of the access problem from Quick Links.

    Quick Links isn't a widget that Community members can edit- but it is intended to connect you directly with the ASC Homepage, PIE and Learning Center.

    I'd like us to get those links working for you as soon as possible.
    I'll send a note to you to see if we can find a time to connect to get this sorted out ASAP.

    I'm grateful to you for your feedback on the Known and Fixed Issues List as well. It is noted and has been shared with our Knowledge Team here at D2L.

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 26 🧭

    Oooo, progress, the link to PIE from the widget and from the annoying dropdown up top just passed me directly through!
    Hmmm. so maybe it's just taking time for the system to digest my account?
    You know how we are—we expect immediate gratification. 😄

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    Progress Win!

    How's it going with the ASC Homepage?
    Are you able to connect from the Quick Link?

    Really appreciate you keeping us posted @Jane.M.801!

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 26 🧭

    Nope, not that one.

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    Thank you for being so generous with your time, so willing to connect yesterday afternoon, and so kind to offer this short tutorial for our Community and other ASCs looking to learn more about how to connect with the SSO.

    Together I think we discovered a few handy tips to help ASCs connect

    • The link for the ASC Homepage can be found in the Quick Links Widget which is below the fold of the page.
      Thanks to Jane's great suggestion yesterday afternoon- it's also now found from the Navigation Bar under Resources
    • When you select the link for the ASC Homepage you will be met with the Legacy Community Login Screen- BUT you won't have to use Legacy Login credentials. Just select the "SSO Login - Beta Experience" Link to connect. (We'll remove that extra click soon when we complete the beta testing phase)

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 26 🧭

    Great help Zooming with Stefanie, thank you! It all works now! Thank you!

    I didn't get instructions the first times I was invited to try, so missed all the cues hidden in plain sight, albeit small text. Instead of a "Reset Password" link the trick is to select the non-logical "Forgot" to set a new password. (by the way, the "Forgot" link today reads "Forgot your password?". Still illogical. "Reset your password" would make sense.)

    I incorrectly assumed that once I was set up with SSO, I could just go to the login page and log in, but as a Beta I do still have to click the orange SSO button and login via that route. Lots of fumbling being a Beta.

    My mind was also missing other things. After I first saw the main page months ago, I never scrolled down on the main page again because it just seemed to duplicate a few items in the navbar in widget format—it still does for the most part. Thus, I expected to find all my links via the navbar. So, I missed the ASC Homepage link hidden way down in the QuickLinks widget—below the fold.

    The small black link at the very bottom of the intermediary login page for the ASC homepage is not obvious, either. One has to know look for it. Again, Beta stumbling. Reminding myself this too shall pass. 🙃

    One of my colleagues who is having all the same problems figuring out the new Beta says she's a "confused Panda". I have to agree.

    Thanks again for your time Stefanie! Really appreciate working through this and some other questions with you! We're getting there!

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    @Jane.M.801 your insight and feedback makes the Community better for everyone!

    So lucky to be learning more with your help- and making things a little bit smoother bit by bit with your help- like the addition of the new ASC Homepage Link now added to the Navigation Bar.

    Please don't be shy to connect the Panda with us 🐼

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 26 🧭
    edited May 2023

    😊 Most welcome! Love the 'let's just jump in and do it together now' approach from you, too! 😊

  • nichole.g.355
    nichole.g.355 Posts: 18 🌱

    Why is it so hard to find the PIE website from a google search? Where is a link to it on this site?

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin
    edited May 2023

    Hi @nichole.gladky3425

    Did you know you can now access those spaces with just one set of credentials using the new SSO BETA Experience? (Reach out here if you'd like a hand getting connected) SSO BETA Experience

    You can access PIE from the Navigation Bar Under "Resources"

    or from your Quick Links Widget

  • Mandi.S.261
    Mandi.S.261 Posts: 8 🧭

    @Janet.O.779 I totally recommend bookmarking as well as the

    They just started sharing them via a downloadable excel file which is great, but I do hate having to download it to view it easily.

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    Hi @Mandi.S.261,
    That's great feedback about the download experience- truly appreciate your thoughts and support of other Community Members here!

    We definitely want to keep making the experience a better and better one-grateful to be building this space with a Community of Givers!

  • Marsha.W.476
    Marsha.W.476 Posts: 2 🌱

    Are there particular training or community events that would be beneficial to an instructional designer who is new to Brightspace D2L? I have used several other LMS but never Brightspace.

  • Jonathan.S.595
    Jonathan.S.595 Posts: 80 🧭

    @Marsha.W.476 Fusion is a great event to meet others and learn cool things.

    The video tutorials are great if you need something specific:

    The learning center has a few courses you can get information from also:

  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 171 admin

    Hi @Marsha.W.476 ,

    Thanks for joining us here at the Brightspace Community, we're happy to have you along!

    I see you've already gotten some great suggestions from Jonathan. I would also add that our Brightspace Guided Training resources have wonderful recordings and articles on getting started with Brightspace. Brightspace Guided Training also hosts Events - posted at the beginning of the month!

  • Pamela.M.514
    Pamela.M.514 Posts: 1 🔍

    I like the new D2L page setup

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 26 🧭

    I'm sure someone else has commented on this previously, but it's extremely frustrating that I, as a Super Admin, cannot SEARCH on the page.

    I have to keep scrolling up and down, expanding areas, guessing what your categories might contain. And, my guesses are usually wrong, so I get nowhere.
    I need a search for all Admin documentation, please!

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    Hi @Jane.M.801
    We agree- the experience with all of the documentation will be improved when we're able to release search into our knowledge bases. We're looking at a few different solutions to try to ensure we pick the one that offers the best search experience. Would you be willing to help us do a little testing as we get closer to that point?

  • Erin.M.617
    Erin.M.617 Posts: 6 🧭

    Hi Stefanie, I would also be willing to help with testing of the search feature.

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    We would love that!
    I don't have an exact ETA that I can share at this time but we'll reach out to you both when we're ready!
    Grateful for the connection and support!

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 26 🧭

    HI Stefanie,

    Yes, definitely, love to help with testing!
    I love how you all jump on our input and suggestions to continually improve this new site!


  • Isadora.M.430
    Isadora.M.430 Posts: 6 🧭

    Could you move the info on this page to the new Community site?

    Specifically, the Tables/ Legends with the icons are useful.

  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 411 admin

    Hi @Isadora.M.430
    My sincere apologies for the delay in response.
    I just wanted to let you know that this request has been posted to our Knowledge Team so that it can be scheduled for publication.

    Very grateful for the note and your thoughts on this!