Submissions and Grades with SIS Course Merge


We're exploring the SIS course merge tool as a way to manage multiple cohorts.

If we merge a course, how can we link the grades to the students' original course code? We will need to do that to ensure the grades are linked to specific degree programmes.

Would students upload submissions to the merged module?



  • Julie.L.787
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    Hi @Mary.C.485 ,

    Thanks for connecting your question with the Brightspace Community.

    The SIS Course Merge tool can only be used for courses created using IPSIS. The merge process only merges the course shell, it does not include student submissions, grades, learning outcomes, or course content.

    I'm linking you to documentation for merging and unmerging courses using SIS course merge nd our D2L Standard IPSIS CSV Course in the Learning Center in case they are helpful resources to learn more.

  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Mary,

    As highlighted by Julie, Course Merge and grade passback will only work if you are using IPSIS. IPSIS must know of each of the course offerings and child course sections. In the Course Merge the sections parent changes from multiple course offerings into one singular course offering. The IPSIS mappings of: course; section; and section enrolments are built off the section enrollments. The section enrolment/mapping is maintained during course merge, meaning the grade synch is back to the course section.

    Yes, a singular course offering is created into which all sections, from the merged courses, are moved. Learners engagement with content and assessment activities is in the single merged course offering. As noted in the documentation ".. merging course offerings deletes the course offerings and section associations that are no longer required."

    Just to reiterate Course Merge and grade passback will only work if you are using IPSIS.

    Hope that helps!

  • Mary.C.485
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    Thanks Chris, that's a really helpful clarification. What you're saying is that the course offering is what's merged, but the distinct sections are not so we can still keep the link to those sections. That makes course merge useful to us, so that is great to hear.