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We're an academy in (ao) computer science where we educate our students in designing and creating software (programming). What we really miss in the quiz-feature is the question type for code questions.
There is a text editor for code available when creating the question (not all question types, but it is there) but there is no explicit question type available for creating a question that asks the student to type some code in a pre-defined language.
We really would like to have this feature get in the product! How can this be achieved?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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  • Mark.A.2638
    Mark.A.2638 Posts: 4 🔍

    Thanks Jeffrey! That site requires a login and I have not option to register. Logging in with my d2l credentials fail and resetting my password gives an "error sending mail". Where can I register?

  • Jeffrey.M.844
    Jeffrey.M.844 Posts: 67

    Hi @Mark.A.2638,

    Product Ideas Exchange (PIE) uses your Brightspace Community credentials (the site we're current communicating in). Brightspace Community allows you to browse without login, but there are certain areas and features that you can only reach/use with membership (free).

    Here are instructions on How to Register for the Brightspace Community. If you are already a community member and are being prompted for login to the PIE, you may need to Register for Community Single Sign On. Once you are logged in to Brightspace Community with your SSO account, you should see a link on the homepage to the Product Ideas Exchange (3rd Party Tool) that should SSO you into the PIE.

    If you are still having issues accessing the PIE after following the above, let me know and I will get you connected to a community manager to assist in troubleshooting your access to PIE.


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