Possible to restrict who can see specific modules?


Good morning,

An instructor is creating a Co-op course that will for two distinct group of students. Students in Group A will have access to a specific module while students in Group B will have access to a different module.

The students in Group A will need a password to access the individual activities within their module.

Is there a way to make a module visible to only the students in Group A?

Thank you for your guidance.



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  • Andrea.M.553
    Andrea.M.553 Posts: 77
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    Hi Kay,

    You can use Release Conditions you make a module visible to a specific group.



  • Dmitry.L.956
    Dmitry.L.956 Posts: 55
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    Hello @Kay.H.645
    I would suggest that you consider 2 possible options.
    1) You can create multiple sections in the course and assign one group to one section and the other to the second.
    You can test in the sandbox if changes in one section's content will affect the other, but to the best of our knowledge, it should not happen.
    2) You can create different release conditions for the first two modules by making them visible only after passing some quizzes, which may be different for the two groups. The remaining modules may be bound by release conditions to the first two.


  • Kay.H.645
    Kay.H.645 Posts: 4 🔍

    Hello Andrea and Dmitry,

    Thank you for your recommendations. I'm heading to my sandbox now to test them out!