How can Academic Support Role view Discussions in Class Progress?


Hello - I have Sys Admin role in Brightspace and can view Discussions in Class Progress and view how many posts a student has made on each discussion (inital post & then replies).

I am trying to give Academic Support roles the same view, because my Award system is set up that a student needs 3 posts per discussion. Academic Support is not able to view the Discussions statistics.

When Academic Support views Class Progress they do not see Discussions. It goes from Content to Assignments. I have also had them check Settings in Class Progress and Discussions is checked but it does not show up in their view of Class Progress.

Is there a specific permission that needs to be given so they can access how many posts/replies are created in the course?


  • Michelle.T.865

    Hello @Jocelyn.J.726 ,

    Thank you for your inquiry. The permission "Manage Discussions" is currently required to view Discussions in other users' User Progress. Please note, that this is an administrative permission. To read more about this permission please see: Manage Discussions

    Please let me know if this is helpful!