Set a release condition without completely hiding the assignment?

I keep having an issue where students don't realize they have an assignment to do because they haven't met the release condition and D2L has it completely hidden until the condition is met. I've tried making clear lists and calendars and sent notes that the assignments exist, but some students always miss the communication. When they see the list of things to do under content, they only see the quiz and then only plan time to do the quiz. Then the assignment unlocks when they finish the quiz and now they don't have time to complete it... Anyways, that's the context.
Is there a way that I'm not aware of so that the locked assignment can be visible but greyed out or something along those lines? Even better: If it could be greyed out but with a pop-up or hover-over text box that says that it will unlock after the release condition is met (and say specifically what that/those condition(s) is/are).



  • Pilar.M.32
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    Hello @Noah.D.156,

    Thank you for contacting the Brightspace Community with your question. 

    For this question and thinking about your context, you could use the Start/End Date included in the assignments, allowing users to view the upcoming ones. You have a couple of options to make the assignments available or hidden: HiddenVisible with access restricted, and Visible with submission restricted.

    Here, I am sharing an article that might help you learn more about these options available in Assignments.

    Regarding the content part, if you include a topic in the content tool to address the users directly to the assignments, the system will show the information only when the start date arrives. I think you can include an extra title or New Lesson to provide some information about the upcoming assignment and include the assignment there. The assignment won't be visible or available at the beginning; however, you can include some information about the assignment (e.g. Start, End, and Due Dates, short description, etc.) in this New Lesson, allowing users to plan some time to finish the assignment.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Pilar Medina Norena

    Learning Administration Manager

  • Steve.B.446
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    Could you put up a content file with those details with a release condition of "no completed quiz attempt" as a placeholder, so when they complete the quiz that gets replaced with the assignment?