how to show my feedback under each question in Quizzes for students

Rie.O.447 Posts: 2 🔍
I would like to know how to show my manually typed feedback for students, under each question in quizzes.
Students reported they can see my feedback for some weeks, but cannot see my feedback for other weeks. I don't know much about the setting, but from my end, they all look same.
What can i do to fix this issue ?


  • Johnny.B.962
    Johnny.B.962 Posts: 41

    @Rie.O.447 , what you are looking for is the Quiz Results Display settings. You'll find these settings when editing a quiz under the Evaluation & Feedback block. That will allow you to customize what students will see following their quiz submission, and how they can go back and view their attempts at a later date once you've evaluated them.

    Hope that helps!