Attach Award Certificate to Intelligent Email

Is there away to take the Award certificate once earned, and attach it in an email to the students?


  • Ricardo.S.110
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    Thanks for reaching us through the Britghspace Community.

    Currently, you cannot attach an award certificate to an email triggered by Intelligent Agents.

    However, let me suggest you the following workaround: you could set up an intelligent agent to email students and let them know when they have earned an award. Then, in that same email message, in addition to advising your students that they have received an award/badge, you could also share instructions on how they can access the Awards tool and see their Badge/Certificate.

    • Go to Intelligent Agents
    • Under Criteria, go to Release Conditions
    • Select "All conditions must be met"
    • Click "Create"
    • You will be prompted to select the condition type, then select "Award Earned".
    • Finally, click "Create"

    Next, scroll down to "Actions". When composing your message, also share the necessary steps for them to go to the Awards tool, where they will be able to share their Certificate or even print it.

    Note: Students will also be notified of a newly earned Certificate through "Update Alerts":

    I hope this is helpful.