Intelligent Agent Release Conditions

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I am currently working on setting up Intelligent Agents and was curious what Release Conditions work best when trying to connect publisher linked content? I was considering 'Has Not Completed Content Topic' since these are external learning tools, does that work to catch if a student has not completed work?


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    I might recommend a release condition "Grade Value on a Grade Item" if the external learning activity is still intended to submit a grade item.

    The reason being that a visit to the content topic might not equal completion of the external learning activity in this case.

    In both of those instances there may be risk that the student could receive too many notification if not scheduled carefully. ex. the student may not be expected to complete the learning activity until they've been in the course for a month- but you wouldn't want them to get and IA every week. If this is a possibility, I'd recommend a monthly frequency or perhaps a scheduled 1 time run.

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