How to provide different rubric mark for individual students in group assignment.

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Some of my group assignments include an individual component but the whole piece is submitted together. My current rubric includes both group and individual components but I can't figure out how to get D2L Brightspace to allow me to publish the group grade and then provide a separate individual grade that utilizes the rubric. Is this possible? I know I can adjust the grade manually in the Gradebook but that won't include any connection to each students individual component in a rubric.


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @David.P.818
    I don't think it's possible to have one Brightspace rubric transmit two grade items.

    I think if your goal is to ensure that the marking of the rubric automatically transmits the grade to gradebook, then you'll need to separate out the individual components into their own rubric and associated grade item.

    This may be a good idea to submit to the Product Idea Exchange for our Product Team's future consideration.

  • David.P.818
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    Thank you so much for the response, Stefanie. I didn't think it was possible but wanted to check just in case. I will definitely submit that to the Product Idea Exchange.