Is there a "Delete All Modules" for the New Content Experience?


In the classic content experience, it was possible to delete all content in a course by going to the Table of Contents, clicking the disclosure triangle, and selecting "Delete All Modules".

Through searching, I could not find a way to perform the same action in the New Content Experience. The best I could find is going to each individual module, clicking the "…" button, and selecting "Delete".

Does anyone know of a way to "Delete All" when in the New Content Experience?


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Matthew.T.222
    Other's may have different/better solutions to share- but I might consider using the Course Reset tool for this.

  • Matthew.T.222
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    Hi Stefanie,

    Thank you for suggesting the Course Reset tool! This is better than nothing and should be fine for now, but ideally there would be a way to customize what is reset. In the classic content experience, "Deleting All Modules" only deleted the content (and optionally associated files), but retained other activity data (quizzes, grades, discussions, etc.).

  • Jeffrey.M.844
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    Hello @Matthew.T.222,

    My colleague @Stefanie.B.518's suggestion is probably the most efficient in situations where users intend to delete everything in the course.

    To your point, however, this is not an exact replacement for the ability to bulk edit / delete all content topics only, which persists as a gap within our New Content Experience (NCE). As you may know, we are still actively developing NCE, and this is something that we do not yet have a purposefully built feature for.

    Some additional workarounds could be:

    1. perform multiple deletions at the module or unit level. Of course, depending on how many parent units or modules you have, this may not scale effectively, but its an alternative that may be reasonable and reduce time spent deleting each individual content topic in some situations.
    2. temporarily flip back to classic content to perform this action, where workaround one (above) is too cumbersome

    Finally, if you are interested in a bulk edit/delete function in NCE, we recommend you head over to the Product Ideas Exchange to either upvote an existing (matching) idea, or log a new one of your own.

    I hope that helps!


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