How to set up an automatic email to registrants upon registration to the course

I have an issue where course registrants will register for a course, but not look at the course information where we put additional instructions that is critical for them to access meeting links. Is there a way where I can set up an automatic email to be sent to the registrants urging them to open the course page when they register for the course? I understand I can send an email to the class list, however that will be a drain on my capacity given the large number of courses we offer. The system sends an automatic email confirming registration to the course, but I don't know how to access or edit the message, if I can at all.

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    Hello @Bridget.D.231,

    There is more than one potential solution to this use case.

    First, the enrollment notification that a user receives when enrolled into a course is based on an enrollment template. To adjust the messaging of this template, a user with sufficient permission — typically an Administrator — can access Mail Template Management to Setup Mail Templates. One consideration with this approach is that however you choose to modify the templates, changes will apply to all courses. Therefore, if you put course-specific information into the template, users enrolled into another course will see this information as well. To make the messaging more dynamic and allow for more scalable messaging, users can use replace strings, but if want to embed more course-specific information that cannot be accommodated by way of replace strings, you could also consider setting up an Intelligent Agent within the targeted course offering.

    Intelligent Agents allow you to define specific criteria and conditions upon which action is taken. This could be enrollment into the course offering with a particular role. When these rules are satisfied the agent can be configured to send out an email to the initiating user. Intelligent Agents also support the user of their own set of replace strings, which is how you can Setup Intelligent Agents to target the initiating user.

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