How do I configure an existing course so that I can control the notifications

sent to students when I post new content to my course? Last fall during a session, I posted a new document to our course. As I recall, there was no option to select whether or not to notify students of this new content. As I would have chosen NOT to send a notification. So a notification was sent to all students. How do I change this setting in future courses so that I can either turn off all notifications or choose to push out alerts to students rather than them being sent out automatically?

I have Super Designer status, but don't see a Notifications options in my Admin Tools.

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer


  • Stan.S.520

    Hi Shelley. Notifications are not really controlled by the instructor. They are more in the control of the recipeint. Students can set their notification preferences in their account settings. Your administrator can also adjust notification settings that would be for all users in the organization.