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I have an instructor who has set up a quiz where learners have 3 attempts. The highest score out all three attempts is currently pulled into the gradebook The instructor is looking to have the learners ideally score 100% by the third attempt and to be notified of those who have used all three attempts and still haven't scored 100%. Is this possible to do with intelligent agents? We want an email to be sent out to the learner notifying them that they didn't receive the required score and to either CC or BCC the instructor, but want the agent to only flag those who haven't scored 100% within 3 attempts. Is there another tool we can use to flag these learners for the instructor?


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    Hi Julia,

    You can achieve this workflow by using Intelligent Agents! You would need to set up 2 release conditions in the 'Criteria' section of the IA. One release condition would check if a user has completed 3 Quiz Attempts. The other one would check if the user has received a 100 on the quiz. If you set it so that the IA only sends an email if BOTH the conditions are met, then your desired workflow will be achieved.

    The screenshot below shows an example on how the IA conditions would look like:

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    Hi Srishty,

    Thank you - this worked perfectly.