get data from API

Erma.A.549 Posts: 2 🔍

I am trying to pull data like given in the Datahub → Data Sets → 1. Organisational Units, 2. User Enrolments, 3. Course Access


  • Hi @Erma.A.549

    Thank you for reaching out to Brightspace Community!

    Below are the steps to export data from data hub:

    1. From the navbar, click Data Hub.
    2. In the Data Sets tab, click the name of a Brightspace Data Set to export. For Example, "Course Access"
    3. Choose a full or differential data set (if available) and click Download.
    4. Unzip the ZIP file.
    5. Open the CSV file in a CSV-compatible tool such as Microsoft Excel.


    Should you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

    Best Regards,

    Syed Hasan