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I have recently joined the Driver Youth Trust who uses your platform for their courses.
I need to evaluate these courses. I can get access with an Admin user - that is, Caroline Bateman. While this is helpful I want to be able to access the courses as an external client would. DYT have been created me a second user with the id C Bateman but this has no visibility of any courses. No one at the DYT is able to help me. It has been suggested I raise a ticket here.
Please advise. Thanks


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    Hello @Caroline.B.858,

    Based on the provided information, it possibly looks like the new account doesn't have any course enrollments which is why you may not have visibility of any courses or the role you are enrolled in, doesn't have access to all courses.

    May I suggest you verify the role and depending on that if you have access to all courses, if not, you will need to be enrolled in the courses.

    If this doesn't help, I would also suggest you open a support ticket with us. If you’re not sure how to do this, email us at with the name of your school or organization and we can provide the contact details.    

    If you are the ASC/ Admin for your Organization, please refer to our documentation for how to log a Support case and a member of our Support team will be happy to assist you. 

    For more information on how an ASC can open a support case, I would recommend reviewing our ASC Resource List, specifically the Creating and Managing Cases section.

    Note: As a best practice, it would be good to include detailed steps to reproduce, as well as examples of users who have encountered the issue and/or any of the responses they received in those instances. If possible, noting the date/time of the occurrences is also useful to the troubleshooting process.

    Thank you,


  • Caroline.B.858

    Thank you.
    If I am honest I wanted to open a support ticket but this is where I was directed by sales and being totally new I just did as I was told.

    You have been VERY helpful. Thank you.