What are the best practices for administration of course that are 'open'?

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I'm looking for information about how to best administer courses that are not restricted to a term, but that have continual enrolment. How can they be best created and archived so that the class lists do not become unwieldy?

Apologies if this question has already been asked; I appreciate any information about this that is available.


  • Rusha.S.831

    Hello @Joanne.S.582,

    If you are looking for how the users can be managed in ongoing courses then if the users are enrolled via SIS they will need to be managed via SIS but if they are manually managed then you can use the https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/4858-create-a-file-for-the-bulk-user-management-tool to bulk manage the users.

    Please let us know if you may have additional concerns or queries.

    Thank you,


  • Joanne.S.582
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    Thank you @Rusha.S.831 . This is helpful and aligns with what we are doing. We are looking for some best practices around how these 'open' types of courses are governed - if the course is open (that is not defined by a term), is there a time at which a new version of the course should be created so that the course list is not unwieldy? Are there any suggestions around archiving these types of courses?

    Additionally, we have found that if a student has taken an 'open' course and then re-registers for the course (if, for example, they have failed the course) all of the previous information for that student - grades, assignments, etc..- are still in the course. Is there a way to work around this so that they have a 'clean slate' for the course?

    Thank you!

  • Wendy.M.499
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    We are struggling with a related issue as well. We have courses users self register for, but can't find a way to remove the after some time, s we are envisioning a massive classlist down the line.