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Kia ora,

Where can I check what causes the Completion button to show within a course. See image for reference.

User has yet to complete all course requirements. Release conditions have not been met. Event logged has nothing.

User details:

Name: Tina Chin

Course: Flexible learning vaccinator foundation

Complete button appears on landing page under my courses.

RC for award: completes assessments above or equal to 80 percent and completes tutorial assignment

User has not completed assessments.

Award has not been given. NO awards available for her.


  • Rusha.S.831

    Hello @UniServices-ACS.G.145,

    The 'Complete' button shows when the user has completed all the required activities/content. Here's an article on how it tracks content completion and participation.

    May I suggest you open a support case please to further look into this issue for you?

    Thank you,


  • UniServices-ACS.G.145

    Kia ora,

    I opened a support case. Emilio was assisting and could not provide help. Going around in circles now.

    As mentioned in above statement - the user has not completed all required content. So I am not sure why is is appearing as Complete.

  • Sangeetha.T.629
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    Hi @UniServices-ACS.G.145 ,

    I believe you have raised it to incorrect team.

    You are best to have one of your organization's Approved Support Contacts (ASC) open a case with the D2L

    For more information on how an ASC can open a support case, I would recommend reviewing our ASC Resource List, specifically the Creating and Managing Cases section.

    Note: As a best practice, it would be good to include detailed steps to reproduce, as well as examples of users who have encountered the issue and/or any of the responses they received in those instances. If possible, noting the date/time of the occurrences is also useful to the troubleshooting process.