What does 'quiz entry, switched tab' denote in the Attempt logs on quizzes?


Students only seem to have quiz entry or this option, not both


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  • Monica.G.541
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    Hello Everyone - thank you for raising these questions and concerns. We have made the decision to remove the logging "Switched Tab" events and re-evaluate it for a future release. Please see the fixed article indicating it will be removed with the January 2024 release. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.


  • Greg.S.44
    Greg.S.44 Posts: 12 🌱

    I am curious as well…..an instructor just inquired about this same question.

  • Tim.C.563
    Tim.C.563 Posts: 1 🌱

    We've just encountered this as well. Would love some clarity from folks at D2L as this does not appear to have been addressed in any of the release notes.

  • Fresa.J.932
    Fresa.J.932 Posts: 6 🌱

    I also have an instructor asking what this means, we see it with a Quiz Re-entry.

    11:09 PM Quiz Entry
    11:11 PM Quiz Re-entry, Switched Tab

  • Kumar.C.437
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    We also have an instructor wondering what this means! I tried to reproduce the "Switched Tab" event by opening new tabs while taking a quiz, but was not successful.

  • Iwona.S.533

    Hello Everyone,

    I appreciate your inquiry about this issue.

    This is a new feature that we have implemented recently. It indicates that the learner switched to another browser tab while taking the quiz.


  • Natalie.D.535

    Further to the above (thank you @Iwona.S.533) here is some more detailed information on the Quiz Attempt log update.

    The "Switched Tab" event is intended to indicate if a quiz event for the current quiz has occurred in a different tab or window than the previous events. So if a student opens, answers, or navigates to the same quiz on a different tab or window.

    For example, if the student opens up two tabs of the same quiz, and answers one question in one tab and the other question in the other tab, there will be a "Switched Tab" message added to the event log, resulting in something like "Response to Question 2 Saved, Switched Tab".

    No "Switched Tab" event will be logged if the student opens another tab and searches for the answer, and then returns to the quiz and answers some questions. So instructors should not be checking for the "Switched Tab" event to see if students are searching for answers on other tabs - it will not be logged.

  • Cat.F.953
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    Adding to the list of folks that are reporting this new log item. My team has been trying to reproduce the "Quiz Entry, Switched Tab" on all devices, browsers, app, and so forth but have not been able to do so.

    This is starting to sound like a bug in the system.
  • Sangeetha.T.629

    Hi @Cat.F.953 ,

    Thanks for updating on your experience!

    I would request you to log a support case with details of testing and quiz details where you fail to see event log "quiz entry, switched tab".



  • Valerie.M.715
    How does this 'switch tab' occur if they are using Respondus Lock-down browser? Isn't that supposed to PREVENT them from opening another tab??
  • Valerie.M.715
    Re: 'Switched Tab' - if the question is a Written Response question, is the 'html box' the other 'tab'?