Why is award not showing?

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Hello. I've set up a course with an award and simple requirements (view all contents and complete a survey and quiz). However when I log into a test learner account who has completed all requirements, the award is not showing. Does anyone know why that might be?



  • Hi @Debbie.T.406,

    Thank you for the question. I would double-check if the requirements are actually met by looking in the Class Progress tool. If they are, I can think of two possibilities-
    1. The award is delayed due to some system factors. Please check again after some time.
    2. The user already received the award once and was expired/revoked. Please note that currently awards can not be reissued.
    I hope that helps!

  • Hi @Debbie.T.406

    I have a question about how you tested the awards functionality. Did you use the test user's credentials to log in or did you impersonate them?

    Please note that while impersonating and visiting content, the content will not have the completion mark. As @Ajith.J.824 I would review the user's progress to confirm that all conditions were met by the test user.

    Thank you, Iwona

  • Debbie.T.406
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    I've checked the class progress and there are 3 who have completed 100% of the content but none are being awarded the certificate. Also I've logged in as a test user, completed all activities (as recorded in the class progress log) and again am not receiving an award.

    I've let it 3-4 hours but the award is not updating.

    None of the learners, including the test user have received the award one. Also there is no expiry date on the award.

    Do you have any other ideas?

    Best regards