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How are people using Brightspace for a large 100+ person course in Introduction or Review of Films? I currently, have a faculty who normally would allows students to watch Films of the same category and write an assessment based on the film, if they couldn't attend class to review the film as a whole class. Since this will be a larger class he was looking for something that would evaluate the basics like; title, date, producer, etc that would easily be found so he doesn't have to read and grade that part but can grade the assessment part. It would not be all 100+ students but could be in the high teens depending on the reason they need to miss classes.

We have already talked about lessening the number of films that the students could choose from since this was open to anything created. Potentially using the quizzes as an option since they could auto grade.


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    Hi Cassandra, thanks for the context on what your faculty member is looking to do! I wanted to propose the following:

    1. Create a Checklist with the list of films that students can choose to review as a substitute to viewing the film in-class. Our Checklist tool will allow you to group items into various categories which your faculty member can use to list the various options by genre.
    2. Create a Quiz with answers defined for the basic information (film title, date, producer) that corresponds to each film. This will allow those questions to be auto graded, while still giving your faculty member the ability to grade short answer responses, etc.
    3. Create a Release Condition for each quiz to be released and visible only to students who select the corresponding film.

    If you need details on how to create any of the items mentioned above, you can find them in the Brightspace Community. Hope this helps!