Quiz: Allow different quiz password for Special Access users

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Feature Request:

In Quizzes, under "Manage Special Access" and "Add Users to Special Access" please allow instructions to enter a unique password for that/those selected users.


In a world of reassessment, instructors often need to reopen quizzes for specific students at alternative times. Being able to specify different passwords for different students, it makes the practice of being flexible with write times more secure.

Example: Student A and Student B have until the end of the week to write their secure exam in another room in the building, away from their primary course instructor. Student A writes on wednesday but happens to notice the password entered for the quiz. They tell Student B, who then can write their test outside the secure area, and possibly cheating during the test.

This would be very helpful for several instructors at our site. Thanks.



  • Natasha.B.837

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for making this great suggestion and for including the rationale! Since you have posted this as a question, I wanted to point out that we have a specific place and process for product / feature enhancement suggestions. In the Quick Links section on the right of your page, click Product Idea Exchange (which we affectionately call PIE).

    There, you can search for ideas which may have already been suggested and upvote them. If the idea has not yet been suggested, you can post a new idea and provide the details you captured in this post. Then you can follow the status of your and others' ideas - they could be included in our Product Roadmap!

    I did a quick search in the Product Idea Exchange and found that someone has already suggested the same idea. I recommend upvoting the idea.

    Take care!

    Natasha (Learning Administration Manager, D2L)

  • Ricardo.S.110
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    That's a great idea indeed! Apparently, it has already been submitted as a feature request through Brightspace Community's PIE (Product Idea Exchange):

    Add ability to use a different password with Special access to a quiz. (D9943)

    I'd recommend you vote it up for even more visibility.

    I hope this is helpful.