Moving a rubric from Org level to Dept level

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I've looked for the answer to this but haven't found it. I'm a new admin so I'm just getting the hang of Brightspace Admin.

I've created several rubrics that are intended for department-wide use at the Org level (from Rubrics via the gear). However, the department can't access them and I don't see how I can move them down to their level from the rubrics page.

Can someone point me where I need to go? Thanks in advance.


  • Darcy.W.898

    Hi Jamey - it sounds like you may need to select the option to enable for all descendants of your org unit. You can find this by clicking on the ‘Add Org Units’ button in the Rubric settings area, locating the main org unit and selecting the ‘all descendants’ option. You should then see additional text indicating that it is now available to ‘Every Org Unit’ etc.

  • Natasha.B.837

    Hi Jamey,

    Welcome to the Brightspace Community!

    There are two ways to handle this, depending on how you choose to manage the rubrics at your institution/organization:

    1. Sharing the rubrics from the Org level to the Course Offering
    2. Copying the rubrics into the Course Offering from the Organization

    Sharing the rubrics

    If, as the Administrator, you manage the rubrics centrally at the Organization level, you can enable the sharing of rubrics from the Org level to all or some of its children (e.g. the Department and its children) or other descendants (e.g. specific Course Templates or Course Offerings). Only you will then be able to edit the rubrics at the Org level, but Instructors will be able to see and use them at the levels to which you shared them.


    • Rubrics cannot be shared across org units at the same organizational level in the structure.
    • Rubrics cannot be shared from a child org unit up to parents or other ancestors in the organization structure.
    • Rubrics cannot be shared from course offering org units because there are no children under a course offering.

    For details on how to do this, please see this resource: Enable sharing of Rubrics.

    Copying the rubrics

    If the Instructors must be able to edit the rubrics they are using at the Course Template or Course Offering level, sharing them from the Organization level won't work because shared rubrics can be edited only from the org unit that shared it. Instead, you may want to copy the rubrics (components) from the source org unit (where they currently reside) to the destination org unit (where you want them to reside).

    Use the Import/Export/Copy Components tool in Course Admin of the destination org unit (e.g. Course Offering or Course Template) to copy the rubric(s) from the source org unit (e.g. Organization).

    For more information, please see the following resources:

    1. About copying course components between org units
    2. Copy course components

    Hopefully this helps point you in the right direction!

    Natasha (Learning Administration Manager, D2L)