Issuing A Mass Brightspace Certificate


I have the ability to create certificates - but I am looking to potentially send a certificate to a mass group of student's that received a Dean's List distinction for their grade performance. Are you able to issue a certificate to a group of students without searching individually for each student? ie. If I had a spreadsheet that had the list of student's is there a way to group instead of finding each student individually?


  • Matt.W.287

    Hi Jocelyn

    The Awards Tool allows you to award certificates individually but not in bulk. But there are a couple ways to achieve this if you have a list of Brightspace Usernames.

    First, if you are comfortable using API calls (or know someone who is), you could use them to award a certificate using the UserId and AwardId values obtained from the Users and Award Objects data sets.

    But you can take advantage of the Awards Tool and temporary enrollments using Bulk User Management.

    1. Create a course offering named "Certificate Awards Studio" or something clever.
    2. Within this new course, go to Course Admin > Awards > Course Awards and create your Certificate or add it to the course if it already exists and is shared/available (see )
    3. Once the certificate exists in your course, click Edit Properties > Create to create the Release Condition that decides when the certificate is to be awarded to a user.
    4. Set the Condition to Classlist > Role in Org Unit, and set the Criteria as Enrolled in current org unit as the role: Student (or some other non-cascading role of your choosing).
    5. Finally, use Admin Tools > Users > Bulk User Management to enroll your list of users into this course offering. Instructions for this are provided in a link on that page or you can look up the documentation here in Community.

    Enrolling a user in this specified role will qualify them to receive the Award. Any cascading Administrators will not receive it as you specified a role to limit it to. Once that is done you can unenroll the list using Bulk User Management and the Award remains theirs.

    Test with a single enrollment …a test user account that you can use to log into Brightspace and observe the Student's experience.

    I hope that's helpful!
    Learning Administration Manager