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Do you have a D2L Standard CSV Question you've been hoping to ask a Product or Implementation Expert?

Post it here to be answered at our August 25th Ask Me Anything Event

This event will cover your top questions and help to connect you with great free resources like this 💡 D2L Standard CSV Resource with quick How-Tos instructions for Common Workflows

📅Download the ical file here to hold your spot!


  • Sarah.W.171
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    So excited for this! Is there a calendar invite we can download?

  • Julie.L.787
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    @Sarah.W.171 I'm thrilled that you are excited about this one! Us too! Thank you for the reminder. The ical file is now added to this discussion thread as well as the event description.😀

  • Erika.F.599
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    Buenos Días

    Una consulta, puedo desde mi organización hacer una copia masiva de un componente, desde un curso hacia una plantilla y que no sea de una en una, gracias
  • Matt.C.408
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    Does Standard CSV cover the course grades or just (ironic use of just) IPSIS?

  • Syed.Z.104
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    Can we do bulk updates on IAs using CSV via IPSIS? Like we have to add/modify an email address to TO/CC/BCC for all the courses in an specific or all IAs… Thanks

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    These are such great questions!
    Just want you to know we're taking a look at these and would love for you all to keep posting as we prepare for our upcoming AMA!

  • @Matt.C.408 Thanks for your question. D2L Standard CSV only allows for sending rostering information to Brightspace. It does not have any mechanisms for sending Grades back to your SIS. Other integration types like LIS and OneRoster allow for Grades Passback and custom grades passback solutions can be built using the Brightspace APIs.

  • @Syed.Z.104 Thanks for your question. IPSIS does not have any mechanisms for updating Intelligent Agent settings. User's external email addresses can be updated via D2L Standard CSV but not IA settings. I would recommend submitting a PIE item regarding bulk IA configuration.

  • @Erika.F.599 Thanks for your question. Can you expand further on your inquiry? Is this question regarding using Copy Course Components functionality within IPSIS?

  • Lori.Z.940
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    One issue we keep running into is instructor changes that leave the old instructor still enrolled in the course offering of a course that has multiple sections (cross-listed courses). We have found a few instances where an instructor change is processed in our PeopleSoft system and the un-enrollments for the old instructor come through IPSIS and the instructor is removed from all the sections, but they still remain in the course offering so they are still in the course site. When we initially ran into this issue we were told that we need to change the section course access option for the instructor role from "Access all course sections" to "Can be auto enrolled into sections" but we have still run into this issue even with the setting changed to "Can be auto enrolled into sections." What are we missing?

  • Hi, thanks for this event, it's really helpfull.

    I wanna know if I there's a way to create a course (or any organization unit) and all things I do into this course will be copy/edit/delete in other course offerings automatically.

    I'm creating course offerings, departments and everithing with IPSIS.

  • Charles.T.15
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    I cannot access my courses on the platform.
  • Andrea.B.236
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    Hi @Charles.T.15 ,

    Thanks for reaching out! I've sent you a DM to help you with course access.

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Charles.T.15
    This course was previously only available to Brightspace Clients- but we want to make access and information more available here for all.

    We've made a change to allow any Brightspace Community Member Access.
    The next time you log into Brightspace Learning Center- you should be able to access the course from the course selector