Restricting Discussions to unique individuals


Good Morning Community,

I am running into a bit of a headache.

I have a professor who desires to talk to students about their writing assignments via discussion posts.

A forum for each assignment and then each student has their own post under that forum.

The professor wants it so that other students cannot see the contents of another student's posts.

My current solution is to use a combination of 1. the professor makes the initial post for each student, 2. turn on the setting so that "a student can only see inside a post that they have replied to" and "moderate submissions" this way as long as the professor never permits the wrong person to reply to the post then other students will only ever be able to read the initial post but not the rest of the content.

I was hoping groups and release conditions would fix it so I didn't have to worry about the professor having to moderate their forums but I cannot seem to get the right setting to work.

When I test my access as an admin assuming the student role temporarily I can still see and post in restricted discussions.

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