How can we stop students from writing a quiz after the due date and end date?


I want to run a quiz from 1 PM to 2 PM. I want the students to be unable to continue writing at 2PM. The timer feature does not accomplish this. If i set the time to be 60 minutes and a student begins at 1:30 they are then allowed to write until 2;30. I want all students to stop at 2 PM. There must be a way to add this function.

I tried a work around where I set the End date and time to be 1:05 and then set the time of the test to be 60 minutes. This prevents people from writing past 2:05; however, this has problems. 1.) Students that try to join late (after 1:05) are blocked. 2.) Students that get kicked out of the quiz or lose their internet can not get back into the quiz. So this is not a reasonable solution. We need to be able to set the quiz so that it begins at a specified time and ends at a specified time. Students can join anytime during the exam period but may not work beyond the end time.

Please fix. I have seen this discussed a few times.