how to handle late penalty

Roy Amore
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how to deduct a late penalty on a quiz



  • Sam.B.358
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    Hi Roy,

    The system doesn't currently have anything in place to automatically deduct a late penalty on a quiz. It will tell you how late the quiz is though so you can use your best judgement in deducting points. → Did just find this Product Idea for this if you want to vote on it.



    I would really like to see an automatic late penalty option added, but when I try to follow the link to vote for it, I get a log in prompt and cannot log in. I don't get an option to register and when I click the only option available (reset password), I get an error message. How do I access the ideas page to vote for features???

  • Adam.V.870
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    This is a significant limitation of D2L that I just discovered. I know other systems allow automatic grade reductions based on how late an assignment or quiz is.

  • Blakely.P.396
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    I agree. I am very tired of having to calculate all my own late penalties when Canvas can do it automatically.