Is there a way to attach a rubric to a quiz/exam or better yet, a specific question in a quiz/exam?


I would like to add a rubric(s) for the written reponse question(s) on a quiz/exam.

For my CAD courses, there are several parts to an exam:

First part: Questoins (matching, multiple choice, etc.)

Second (and sometimes third) part: Drawing/CAD Model

For the last part(s), I have students upload their drawing/CAD Model to a written reponse question. I would like to use rubrics to grade this part of the exam. I could, if needed, create each exam part as a seperate exam in the quiz tool if that would enable me to add a rubric to the entire “part 2 (or 3)” of the exam. Best option would be to add a rubric to the written reponse question itself.


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  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Mike.Gwin4423 No, unfortunately you cannot attach a rubric to a quiz or question in a quiz. It used to be possible to add a rubric that only the instructor could see, but that was removed 4 years ago. Check out D791 on the Product Idea Exchange. It's marked as Under Consideration.


  • Julie.L.787
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    Hi @Mike.Gwin4423 ,

    Thanks for reaching out with this great question!

    We love that you'd like to add a rubric to a quiz. I'm hoping that this article for Creating Rubrics is helpful to demonstrate the workflow for doing so.

  • Mike.G.126
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    Thank you for the article, however, the article only cover how to create and edit rubrics. It does not cover associating a rubric with a quiz or question.

    It would be very useful to be able to add a rubric to questions like written response questions that need to be manually graded.

    Again, in my CAD classes, exams consist of a "standard questions section" (matching, multiple choice, t/f, etc.), and then one or two "CAD exercises". These CAD exercises are done manually on paper and/or on CAD software. Pics (scans) of the manual work and saved files for the CAD work are uploaded to the corresponding exam part.

    Using a rubric is my preferred method to grade the manual drawing & CAD work. I have rubrics set up for Assignments but do not see an option to add them to exams (quiz) let alone individual question like written repose.

    I suppose, I could create Assignments for the manual drawing & CAD parts and then group/grade them as "exam".



  • Justin.Y.789
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    @Mike.Gwin4423 Julie might be a bot. D2L appears to rely on the user community to answer questions as opposed to paid employees reading and replying.

    I have done what you sort of suggest which is to make an Assignment that is part of the quiz. The quiz is associated with a gradebook entry in a "quizzes" category.

  • Bienvenido.I.466
    I would investigate (attempt) to set up the entire quiz as an "assignment" to trick the adding of rubrics.
    Only challenge is ---- not sure if there is impediment in the gradebook entry association as in the "quiz" category capability.