How can you adjust previous results on a quiz when quiz is updated?


We had to adjust the marking in a quiz because it was not set up correctly and was being scored out of 1 (numeric value here for satisfactory), but the quiz really needed to be graded out of 20 and a grading schema applied.

Luckily there are only three student attempts so far, and future ones should be correct. But how do we adjust the previous attempts.

Here's the message I see in the quiz setup

- There are existing student attempts against this quiz

Editing the quiz will not make any modifications to existing attempts, or attempts in progress

If you want to make modifications to how a question is scored or graded including previous attempts, use Grading Rules under Grade > Questions > Update All Attempts

I cannot find where grading rules are????? Can you show me how to update previous attempts please?



  • Praful.R.602
    Praful.R.602 Posts: 23

    Hi Sue,

    The option to update all attempts is under the Question tab when you grade the quiz.
    From here you can select the question and update the score.

    Kind regards,
    Praful Rodrigues
    D2L TAM

  • Sue.S.4
    Sue.S.4 Posts: 31 🌱

    Thank you Praful.

    I'll check it out :)