Why are there fields (like SemesterID) in the advanced data sets but not the standard datasets?


And why aren't all the fields in the entire database available in the standard data sets? Do I have to export Advanced Data sets and the import them for analyses and vizzes?



  • Alfredo.F.151
    Alfredo.F.151 Posts: 56

    Hi, @William.E.2474 !

    The following data set types are available in Data Hub:

    • Brightspace Data Sets are tables of raw, user-level data from Brightspace. They are designed to be joined together to build your own reports. Users do not set filters for these reports as all data is included. Brightspace Data Sets execute on a scheduled task.
    • Advanced Data Sets are reports that combine data from multiple Brightspace Data Sets. Administrators can generate them as needed by defining one or more filters such as dates and org units. The data behind these data sets is updated daily.

    You may find the Semester OrgUnitId in the Brightspace Data Set "organizational units"

    Also, I suggest to you to review our Developer platform for more information about the Organization structure.

    I hope this helps you!

  • William.E.2474
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    Thanks. I was aware of those rows in the OrganizationalUnits table. I was just questioning why it's called SemesterID in the Advanced Data Sets but in the OrganizationalUnits table it's actually OrgUnitID. Are you aware of any other fields that are the same but have 2 different names? That kind of information would be quite helpful!