Can't copy HTML elements from templates (such as accordians, tabs, jumbotron) to other pages?



I have watched several videos and cannot copy HTML elements from the templates to other pages in my course. I am in the HTML editor, I use CTRL+C on windows to copy from the start copy to end copy areas, I use CTRL + V on Windows to paste to the new page and it only pastes the text on the page. I have checked my settings and I do have Enable HTML Templates checked in the Content Authoring section. I have also tried to go into the source code and copy the code and paste the source code and it doesn't work either.

I am stumped! I'd really like to add some of those elements to pages I have created, but I cannot them to copy no matter what I try. I really want to jazz up my pages with these elements. Thanks for any help.



  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 263 🌟

    @Lynn.B.961 Hi Lynn, you'll need to apply a template to the page from the dropdown menu before pasting in anything you've copied from another template page. The templates have underlying code that is necessary for the elements to appear correctly on the page. (Template pages will have source code of a few lines starting with link rel="stylesheet" for the .css files at the top.)

  • Lynn.B.961
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    Hi Jennifer. Yes, I have done that. I have applied the template to a page and actually set up a "dummy" page so I can copy from it. But when I go back to that page, click Edit HTML, copy the code from the main page (not the source code) it doesn't copy to the new page. It only copies as text.

    Do I need to copy the code all the way from the top of the page with the rel="stylesheet" and then delete the elements I don't want?