Calculated Numeric questions -- Brightspace alternative?

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In our current Blackboard courses, there are Calculated Numeric questions, where the student is prompted to type a numerical answer, and the instructor can specify a +/- range within which the answer will be considered correct. For example, if I want students to read the temperature displaying on a picture of a thermometer, I might want to accept answers that are plus or minus 0.5 of a degree. Blackboard's Calculated Numeric option handles this.

In Brightspace, would I use an Arithmetic Question for the thermometer example? It's unclear to me how I would do that, because Arithmetic Questions seem to involve entering variables like x and y that are randomly replaced with different values for each student, and that's not what I'm trying to do in this example.


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    You could use an Arithmetic Question for this thermometer example, even though you are correct, Arithmetic Questions are more akin to Bb's Calculated Formula Question type.

    This is how you could set-up the thermometer example you described (at least how I am understanding what you are wanting):

    This would be the end result:

    This is how I set up Question 1:

    The formula is not really a formula, it is just the answer. You would use the tolerance as your +/- range. You would need to add a variable to be able to save the question, but it is just a place holder, as there is no actual variable used in the question text or the formula. In mine, I just added the acceptable answer range, but in reality, this is not being used in the calculations. Just the tolerance is being used.

    I hope this helps.