I have 6 tests each graded out of 20 but overall all 6 tests only equal 25% of the aggregate of 100%


How can I set up my gradebook so I can include all 6 items (quizzes) worth 20 marks each under an assessment category called online quizzes (which only equates to 25% of the total grade).

Thank you in advance


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    What you need here is to adjust your Grade Book settings. In Grades, click Settings. In the Calculation Options tab, select Weighted. After saving, edit your Quizzes category so that the weight is 25. Note that you will need to confirm the weight for all your categories adds up to 100% or you will get an error. Here's an article with more info: https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/3521-grading-systems-types

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    Hi @Sue.S.4

    First, you have to make sure that your grade book's grading system is set up to "Weighted."

    You may check that in your grade book settings (upper-right) corner of your screen:

    Then, go to the "Calculations" tab and make sure "Weighted" is selected:

    Once your grade book is set to "weighted," you can assign 25% weight to the "Online Quizzes" category.

    • Click the dropdown menu next to the name of your category
    • Then click "Edit"
    • Next, adjust the "weight" field to 25.
    • If all the quiz grade items living under this category have the same weight, you can go ahead and select "Distribute weight evenly across all items" (See image below)
    • Don't forget to save your changes.
    • Done.

    You may find more info on how to set up your grade book in the following article:

    Grading systems types - Brightspace

    Please let me know if this is helpful.