My browser locks up and won't scroll when using Brightspace

I've had this issue with my home institution and a different school where I am taking a grad school course in Brightspace. In discussions and assignments, my browser won't scroll anymore. To see the proper button to save my work, I have to make the page smaller (ctrl+-) to zoom out so I can see it.


  • Chris.S.534
    Chris.S.534 Posts: 254

    Hi Sarah,

    In the first instance please perform a System Check by adding the following to the end of your institutions Brightspace URL /d2l/systemCheck Make any recommended changes/adjustments from the System Check if you are comfortable doing so. If the issue persists, try accessing Brightspace using an alternative internet browser such as Microsoft Explorer or Firefox.

    If your still experiencing the issue please connect with your Institutions IT/Online learning support team for guidance.

    Hope this helps!