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Here's our dilemma, we've found that students are waiting until after they leave the proctor to open their quiz review and then take photos of the quiz answers. As a result, our tests have been compromised and need to be rewritten.

We know how to set parameters to allow only one review attempt, how long they can have that review screen open, etc. But is there a way to set how long they have after completing the quiz to open that review screen? We basically need to ensure that they are doing the quiz review in the presence of the proctor (when we know that they do not have a phone (camera) in their possession).


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    Thank you @Jennifer.W.973, that is actually more help than I received from the D2L team or from my own IT division. My next test is a final and the students have 3 hours to take it. I set the 2nd attempt for 3.5 hours after the start time in case they get started late. Some may finish in 1-2 hours, go home and cheat, but this may help combat some of that. It is a temporary Band-Aid.


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    Hi Sheila,

    I'm not an expert at Brightspace but I sympathize because even objective and fair items take a lot of thought and time to create.

    At my college which is transitioning from Blackboard, we do not show items after the exams due to massive academic integrity violations and no Respondus for years. When I was in person, I would review from the podium (no cell phone policy as well) but that was 2020.

    I inform students they can make an appointment to review the exam. Some do but it typically turns into me identifying their reading and comprehension problems by the 3rd or 4th item. I then coach the student on how to study textbooks differently from websites, magazine, etcetera (Google Dr. Chew, a cognitive psychologist, on YouTube — he's great). As it is not unusual at my College to prevent a second viewing in online classes, it is accepted.

    But I imagine it might not be acceptable elsewhere.


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    @Sheila.D.392 If you need to set the exact date/time and duration when students can review quiz attempts, you can accomplish this by creating two additional views. The first one will allow students to see the questions/answers, and the second one will not. You'll just need to set the correct dates and times in the "Additional view comes into effect" box. When the second additional view comes into effect, it essentially turns off the first additional view.

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    D2L team: I received the below e-mail, but the link that she's wanting me to open requires a username & password and the one that I use here isn't working. So I hope I'm doing this right!

    Problem: We have had an issue of at least one (possibly more) student(s) going home, opening a quiz review, taking photos and transcribing (or copying and pasting) to a word document and sharing our tests with other students who have not yet tested. We set the timer for how long the review can stay open, but there is not a way to limit how long after the test they are allowed to open the review. Providing them the opportunity to look at the review hours or days later when they are not in the presence of our proctor.

    Suggestion: Give instructors the ability to add a close time on a review. If the student has not done their review within that time frame, they must come to the instructor to see what they missed.
    Additional view comes into effect: At [date] [time], until 8 minutes have passed after submission and closes 15 minutes after submission.
    Grade visible, show incorrect questions only with correct answers, and learner's responses

    The way that our classes are designed, it's not really an option to set a specific date and time for the review. We really need them to be able to view after submission, then return to class to begin the next subject. Having an "after submission" end time option would be greatly appreciated.

    e-mail from your D2L Help Desk:

    "Hello Sheila,

    Thanks for your response.

    After reviewing this case with my team internally and performing some testing on my end I can confirm that the Additional view doesn't provide the functionality you are expecting.

    Unfortunately, the Additional view for 1 minute doesn't limit how long the learner have to click on start the review. It is a limited amount of time (in minutes) after submission.

    At this time, we would like to suggest flagging this as a new Product Idea on the Brightspace Community. Posting the idea will allow you to communicate directly with the Product Planning Team and other Brightspace users.

    To submit an idea, login into Brightspace Community and follow the steps in the KB article below:

    Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

    Best Regards,

    Ana Alvarez
    Bilingual Product Support Analyst
    D2L Corporation"

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    This is not abuse, you do not have an option to "flag" as a suggestion. Since I can't see the help file that Ms. Alvarez shared, I'm hoping this makes it to the right team as a suggestion to possibly implement in a future update to the software.